• First Oakville Toastmasters


Last night the Dynamic Division D delivered what turned out to be a very competitive Evaluation and International Speech Contest.  The talent last night was nothing short of inspirational.

We are so proud of our competitors last night from 1st Oakville Toastmasters!  Marion West placed 3rd in the evaluation contest and Fei Sun placed 2nd in the International Speech Contest.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of having Gregory C. N Smith as a guest speaker and if you remember, that night Gregory shared the story about P.B aka Personal Best.

I want to thank both Marion West and Fei Sun for showing us last night what aiming for P.B and crushing your Personal Best goal looks like.  They both took their skills to the next level leaving us with pride and admiration because we know what taking it to the next level looks like thanks to Marion West and Fei Sun.

I’d like to thank the 1st Oakville Toastmasters cheering section.  Together we filled up the room with support and applause for our dynamic duo Marion and Fei.  I’d like to thank Allan, Eric, Rosa, Catherine, Luke, Sharon, Tanouja, Rebecca C., Sam, Peter, Alonso.  In total including friends of these Toastmasters; we were a group of 17.  That is something to be proud of!


1st Oakville Toastmasters Cheering Section!  L to R:  Rebecca Valero, Alonso Mendizabal, Samantha Tam, Rebecca Cao, Peter West, Marion West, Fei Sun, Tanouja Rama, Sharon Jenkins, Catherine Li, Luke Jin, Eric Bastien & Allan Osborne.

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