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Area 56 Workshop Tuesday February 3rd, 2010

Submitted by Toastmaster Donald Knowles

Toastmaster Donald Knowles

The training last night at Skyway was quite interesting. Judy Suke took the 10-15 minute Evaluate to Motivate material and extended it to a 45 minute discussion. The lady is a very comfortable speaker and a past master of humour. She knows what works and knows how to work it. Judy covered all of the material in the evaluation process. Copies of the material will be presented to the club on Thursday February 4th.

Avis (pronounced Ahvis) Brodie then came up and took everyone through the judging process. Again, a very comfortable speaker who has worn her delivery down to a smooth process. Avis covered all the material on the International Speech Contest judging ballot and then went into details of dos and don’ts. There was great audience interaction during both sessions. I believe that there is a movement afoot that in order to judge a contest outside of the club that person must have taken a judging workshop. Which means that the 45 people in attendance last night can expect a phone call. I know that I already have.

It was very interesting to participate in intra club activity, both in seeing how other clubs do things their way, and to meet other people. I think that I will do a lot more of this in the future.



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