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The theme for our meeting  tonight is AWESOMENESS.  When I reflect on our club there are many things about us that fall into this category.  It has been a great honour to serve as the 2017-2018 First Oakville Toastmasters Club President.  I am looking forward sharing with our members and guests just how AWESOME we truly are!

We have a special evening lined up as our VP Education will present one of our members with the Toastmaster of the Year award.  This trophy is awarded at the end of every Toastmaster year to an individual who has earned the highest points accumulated according to a number of different categories that are tracked.  There are points that are awarded for attendance, participation in contests, participation on committees, # of speeches given, education achievements.  This award is not a popularity contest, there are no judges, it is simply the sum of hard work.  Who will win this year’s Toastmaster of the Year award?  Only these two know and their lips are SEALED!

A big thank you to our VP Education, Allan Osborne and Madame Secretary, Samantha Tam for maintaining impeccable tracking sheets all year long.  thank you!!

See you tonight!

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Every Thursday 7:15 pm- 9:30 pm EST

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