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Christmas With First Oakville Toastmasters

Here is a view of the Christmas Party from a far from disinterested observer who was fortunate enough to be volunteered to play the part of John “I got Rhythm” Pope, key board artist and second banana extraordinaire to Dophra Doolittle, the host for the evening’s extravaganza.

The organizing committee did a fabulous job of organizing the evening and having the room dressed in extravagant fashion. Having an early start so we could socialize as only Toastmasters can was a great idea.

Having the chat show theme for the party was inspired. Dophra Doolittle maintained control of the evening in her inimitable style with the assistance and sometimes despite the efforts of her second banana and her guests.

After a delicious and traditional turkey dinner we were treated to readings from a variety of Christmas themed writings and original thoughts and actions from Rudolph of the flashing red nose (who knew?), Mr. “I like Pierogis and prorogation” Harper, a very out of shape Santa, and a very animated and reformed Mr. Scrooge. The latter was maniacal in leading us in some risqué games. It is not every Christmas party that features mostly men donning ladies underwear on their heads! Look at the photos taken by our amazing photographer Peter West at his site Peter West Photo, in the gallery 2010 Xmas First Oakville Toastmasters and see who obviously had experience at this activity!

Mercifully the group singing this year was left until we had imbibed sufficient Christmas cheer so that we all sounded awesome, at least to me. Truly a party to remember.

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