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E-Mail Etiquette

This has been a particularly difficult week as far as emails flying back and forth about upcoming meetings is concerned.

Several members have already complained so what can we do to limit emails?

First, unless absolutely necessary, there should be no emails addressed to all members with the exceptions of emails from the executive (notices of special meetings, new agendas and member lists), the chair of the upcoming meeting and the weekly notice of videos ready in DropBox (which could be dropped).

The Toastmaster and general evaluator for the upcoming meeting should limit their emails to affected members only and cc the chair.

Anyone replying to an email should reply only to the author and not reply to all which is happening too often.

Finally, no emails to all should be addressed to the entire club membership when a member finds they are unable to fulfill their upcoming role. Take the time to look at the upcoming agenda and pick people who don’t have a job and ask them to either swap jobs with you or take over the one you can’t do on a specific night.

If you do send an email to another member keep it short and to the point. Nobody likes to read emails that are longer than one short paragraph or so.

Serial offenders may find that their emails are being flagged to be automatically trashed or sent directly to the spam pile.

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