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Elections & Tall Tales

Submitted by Toastmaster Donald Knowles

Toastmaster Donald Knowles

I would like to thank everyone for the work that went into last night’s meeting. There is always more than meets the eye.

All the members of the nominating committee for the back ground work to ensure that there was a full slate of candidates for every position.

All the candidates for taking the step forward to be part of the election.

All the members who were elected and all those who were not. There will be many committees to be formed and many opportunities to serve the club.

Katherine Ryell for doing a wonderful job of running the elections.

Linda Rossi for the great job of Chairing the Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest.

Our 6 regular judges, the tie breaking judge, the 3 counters, and the 2 timers.

Our 11 contestants. Fabulous, think of it, 11 speakers. Special kudos for Adrian and Tyler for stepping out. Adrian has not even done his Icebreaker yet and Tyler just completed his.

Including the Chair and the Chief Judge we had 24 people involved in the contest. That’s incredible.

An incredible night in an incredible club. And it just keeps becoming better.


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