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Evaluating the Evaluators

Not many Toastmaster clubs anywhere hold evaluation contests that have more evaluators than audience members. I’m not certain that was exactly true last night at First Oakville but it came pretty close with 14 contestants.

Fourteen! I’ve never seen a contest with 14 competitors. 

Lots of new Toastmasters through their hats into the ring to give it a go and they did very well but it was the more “seasoned” who took the day. This is to be expected as evaluating another person’s speech is an art form and it takes some years to develop. That’s not to say a newcomer shouldn’t try. Entering a competition helps us to grow in confidence and get the nerves under control.

Toastmaster Val Clements was right on her game and several of us commented after the meeting at the bar in the Quality Inn hotel that we knew she had won the moment she ended her evaluation. It was warm and inclusive, helpful and well-structured. It wil be very interesting to watch the videos to study what she did so well.

And for the rest of us who didn’t place, there’s next year.

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