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Exceptional Workshops At First Oakville

Fellow Toastmasters:

Saturday, January 26 was an exceptional Workshop Day for not only First Oakville Toastmasters, but also members of Area 52.  Peter West presented a highly-informative and interactive workshop on Parliamentary Procedure.  It was a full house with approximately 30 Toastmasters in attendance.  Peter’s purpose was to take some of the fear out of the business session by explaining the role of Chairman during the business session and also being Parliamentarian.  Practical examples were demonstrated by the presentation of a motion, including amendments, points of order, raising a question of privilege, refer to committee.  This exercise was led by our own Glen Best serving as Chairman and Mark Molder as the Parliamentarian.  Peter was our ‘ghost’ walking about the room interjecting with direction along the way.  By virtue of the amount of participation, the audience was clearly involved and entrenched in this workshop.  To give you an idea of the acceptance of this workshop, the proposed motion was to have this workshop offered twice a year!

The second workshop was for our FOV members only with many of our newest members in attendance.  Sharon Jenkins and Marion West did a superb job of describing each of the roles during the meeting with ample opportunity to answer questions.  Look for increased confidence and ease in presentations by Harry, Paula, Celia, Eugenia, Allan, Glen and Renato.  Based on the reaction of the members at the close of the workshop, it was definitely worth their Saturday morning to attend.

Deep and gracious thanks to our presenters Peter, Sharon and Marion.  I also extend a thank you to our Vice President of Education, Heather Cunningham for taking the initiative to coordinate these sessions.  Most of all, thank you to all who attended.  It illustrates your commitment and  interest in self-development through the Toastmasters International programme.  This will assist you in reaching your personal goals while maintaining and even elevating the high standards of First Oakville Toastmasters.


Linda Rossi, CTM, CL


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