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Help Wanted

We had our first meeting of the season last night which saw over 30 members in attendance plus six or seven guests.

We had three members who gave three very different speeches which were professionally evaluated by three of our long-term members.

All of the speeches are available to members (via a by-invitation-only private and secure DropBox account) and this is just one of the special benefits of becoming a member of First Oakville Toastmasters.

Having said that the standing Video Support Group could use some help. 

We need help to setup the video camera (easy) and shoot the videos of the speakers and evaluators (easy) and then render the files into watchable videos (easy).

Here’s how I do it now.

When I get home from the meeting I take the memory card out of the camera and I plug it into the SD card slot on my MacBook Pro. While I sleep the computer uploads the files and I recharge the camera battery.

In the morning I open IMovie (I’ve got other video rendering software but IMovie is so simple and easy to use it makes little sense to use anything more complicated.) and I upload the files into it.

Once IMovie is ready I have it create new projects for each speaker and the evaluators and one by one I render them into watchable formats (under the share menu) that are between 100 and 500 megabytes in size and directly upload them into DropBox.

These are big files and I could render smaller files but they wouldn’t look as good as these big files. Also on the MacBook Pro with the solid state hard drive the who process is completed while I have my morning coffee.

Later in the week I clear out the render files on my computer as the solid state hard drive in my MacBook Pro runs a lot faster the leaner I keep it and by then anyone who wanted to grab a copy of the files on DropBox should have done so.

I could make a copy of the rendered files on an external hard drive but I don’t so what’s up on DropBox is our only copy. I’m working with the club executive to load our videos elsewhere on a site that will allow for permanent storage.

For non-Mac computer users there are a ton of PC-compatible rendering software that will work just as well.

If you are interested in helping out with the Video Support Committee please send me an email at

Love to hear from you 🙂

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