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Humorous and Table Topic Speech Contest Winners

The first two club-level contests of the season were held at First Oakville Toastmasters last Thursday Sep 22. It was very entertaining and educational sessions were we have the opportunity to learn from wonderful speakers.

We want to send a big Thank You to everyone who participated in our contests and helped make them a success! And very special congratulations to Peter West the winner of FOTM – Table Topic Contest and to Adrian Scott, the winner of FOTM – Humorous Speech Contest.

Peter West, our immediate past president, was among seven fabulous contestants. He did a very concise and interesting speech of “Service” about on how we at Toastmasters are always serving each other to become the speakers and leaders.

Impromptu speech has been for me one the most challenging experiences. I asked our winner to share his strategy so we could learn from the best and he said:

“I am surprised and delighted to have won again. I won the Table Topic contest at FOTM last year and also I won the Table Topics at District level a couple years ago. I now can trust myself enough to know that I will remain calm no matter what and if I need to think I can take the time and nobody will really notice. This comes from participation. I still do some personal coaching which means I must listen intently to what is being said and be prepared to respond in the moment. That’s how impromptu speaking helps me in my daily life”.

If you would like to win the next Table Topics Speech, I strongly suggest to follow this key tips from our winner Peter West:

  1. Volunteer as often as possible for the weekly table topics and always enter the club level contest as you stand a good chance of winning.

  2. Practice speaking loudly in front of a mirror…read from a book if necessary but practice like this so your own voice doesn’t scare you when you start speaking in front of people.

  3. Practice adding big gestures as you speak. Generally you can’t over do it so go big with gestures and be loud with your voice.

In our Humorous speech contest we also had fabulous contestants. As announced, Adrian Scott our Area Director last season, became the winner with a very entertaining and humorous speech about why he decided to join the club. It was inspired form his Vocal Variety project in which the speech was centred round his one letter conversations ‘M”.

Adrian said that for him winning this contest is “a culmination of 6 years training proof that the Toastmaster program works”. Humour is not a critical component of his everyday life, even thought he knows it should be, and needs to be.

Adrian said “Toastmasters is the safe haven the one spot where he can let go of serious of life for a few hours” and which has helped him to develop and continuously improve at humorous speeches and became our winner this year!

Follow this recommendations from Adrian and you could be the winner of the next humorous speech contest:

  1. Enter. If you don’t enter you can’t win

  2. Don’t force the humour. Let it develop naturally.  There are always funny stories in your life.

  3. Find your inner funny bone.  Everyone has a different style.  Find your style and develop it.

  4. Practice and discussion with your mentor. 

  5. HAVE FUN. 

Adrian and Peter will represent First Oakville Toastmaster in the upcoming area contest to be held in October 4.

Be there and be ready to cheer them on!

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