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Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest

Submitted by Toastmaster Linda Rossi

Toastmaster Linda Rossi

I had the distinct pleasure of Chairing the First Oakville Toastmasters Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest April 22, 2010. There were no less than 11 participants!! It was an exciting evening with speech topics ranging from mystery, adventure and green living to the traditional (and whopping) fish tale and mayhem on the open seas in a dragon boat!

Two of First Oakville’s newest members participated with drama, exaggeration and enthusiasm: Tyler Bayley (his ‘environmentally safe recycle bin’) and Adrian Scott (catching seagulls mid-air with the fish he caught as bait).

Ann McNichol (kidnapped and dropped into another time and space) and Deborah Bartucci (adrift on the open sea, defying pirates with her fellow dragon boat paddlers) delivered speeches full of adventure and suspense.

Dave Webster(explaining the ‘other reason’ one should consider vegetarianism) and Matt Wagner, with his folksy tale of living in the BC interior and panning for gold (feel free to ask him about the asparagus!) were more subtle with their approach.

Gerry Bramm taught us his very valuable lesson learned while operating the ‘crusher’ at the mine. I’ll never fall asleep when I’m operating the crusher!

Katherine Ryell discovered the secret of ageless beauty and Esther Davis demonstrated her life of allegiance and obedience to the Government of Canada.

Andy MacPherson shared a wild and bizarre training ritual reminiscent of Clockwork Orange and finally John Smissen shared his very intimate Polar Bear Dip apparel. I mean, very intimate, Polar Bear Dip apparel.

The judges had quite a challenge considering the quality and entertainment value of each and every speech.

Special Congratulations to our Winners:

First Place: Ann McNichol, ‘To the Museum’ Second Place: John Smissen, ‘Making a Splash’ Third Place: Gerry Bramm, ‘Lesson Learned’

The Area Tall Tales Contest will be hosted by our club on June 3, 2010. Please come out and support Ann McNichol.

Special thanks to our Chief Contest Judge, Donald Knowles for overseeing the judging process, as well as the judges, timekeepers and counters. Running a contest really is a collaborative effort and it is a pleasure to work with everyone to make the evening a success for all.

Linda Rossi Tall Tales Contest Chairman First Oakville Toastmasters

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