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Meditation on Meetings

Why do we meet?

I mean why do we participate in meetings whether they be Toastmaster meetings  or executive meetings or special event meetings such as our club’s Christmas and Charter Party committees?

(Which, by the way, have been meeting and planning this year’s First Oakville Christmas Party on December 10 or our Charter Party on February 20.)

Of course, there are meetings at work and even family meetings at home. Spouses meet as do bosses and employees. We could even include sporting teams and clubs here as they certainly qualify as a group formed for a special purpose.

Being asked to be a meeting participant carries with it some particular obligations.

First, if you accept to be a member of a club, team or committee of any sort you’re expected to show up and contribute fully. Your level of contribution may vary as people new to the committee are expect to absorb the culture of the group before jumping in while seasoned members are expected to lead by example to encourage the participation of the new people.

Participating in any group suggests that you’re interested in whatever the group is interested in or, at the very least, you’re interested in helping shape the group to move or act in a manner in which you approve.

Not everyone is capable of working with others in groups. There are some people who find working with others to be too uncomfortable for them. Some people, for whatever reasons, are overly dominate or overly passive to be productive and helpful group members.

Working in a group is a learned skilled that we offer at Toastmasters. It’s not something that is obvious to newcomers to our clubs but working within a group starts when somebody asks you to join a committee or become a member of an executive group.

And then the learning begins.

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