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Message From the VP of Membership

Club elections are inching forward; maybe you are interested in running for VP MEM and asking yourself what’s involved with holding this position?

I love being VP MEM. Often, I am the first contact that a prospective member has with our club. Information requests come in via our website and when someone comes to one of our meetings, s/he feels welcomed because a contact has already been established.

The VP MEM introduces guests to other members, helps them feel welcome, and spends time with them during the break or after the meeting to answer questions, and explain our club life. It is already at that time that the visitor gets an inkling of the rewards, and commitments, that go along with being a Toastmaster. Spending time with a guest creates a connection; the visitor realizes our interest in growing the club with quality members, and appreciates the opportunity to ask questions.

Once a guest has applied for membership and has been voted in, the VP Membership registers the new member with Toastmasters International, holds the Induction Ceremony, and welcomes the new Toastmaster with handing over the “New Member Kit.”

Apart from these duties, the VP Membership encourages members to promote the club, initiates membership drives when needed and, as part of the Executive, aids in determining the club’s future.

Think of your Toastmaster goals in a wider sense – not just about public speaking; are your leadership skills yearning for a top up?

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