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Our Evaluation Contest

What happened last night at First Oakville Toastmaster’s Evaluation Contest?

Our perennial winner, Toastmaster Marion West, took second place and our first-place winner was Mark Molder our own vice-president of membership. Mark was presented with our club trophy from first-time contest chair Zulma Garcia, our vice-president of education who did a super job.

I trust Mark won’t mind me saying this but he’s been working very hard on his presentation skills before and after winning our International Speech Contest last year. His dedication and hard work is paying off big time when it comes to collecting the hardware.

For members, videos of the target speaker Taylor plus a video of all the contestants is up on our private DropBox.

I’d urge everyone who didn’t win and anyone who would like to win to watch the video and see what everybody else did and compare it to what Mark did.

For the most part, all of us contestants and yes I came in third behind Marion (as always) hit all the right points and in generally we agreed with each other in our content.

So what was the difference?

Mark came out from behind the lectern. If you’ll notice so did I but there is a difference between the two evaluation performances. Mark wasn’t as hesitant as I was. He was really on a roll and did a super job of encouraging our target speaker while at the same time finding quite a bit to encourage him.

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