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President’s 2011 Message

Well, we’ve had two meetings already and I’m finally getting down to writing my first blog post I really wanted to get out two weeks ago!

Time flies at Toastmasters!

The new executive held two lively meetings prior to the kick off of the new season, I’d like to thank the membership for selecting a fabulous team of individuals to help me guide the club through the new season. We’e got lots of ideas, some of which you may have heard already.

As I mentioned during our first meeting, we want to protect the wonderful culture we have at First Oakville and our focus will be around the “Four F’s” – keeping the club:

  1. Fun

  2. Focused (on development of all members)

  3. Functional (well organized and well planned)

  4. Feedback (we want to know what you want and what we can do better)

One of the most gratifying experiences for me so far has been to see so many members return for another season. While always disappointing to see anyone move on, we only lost five members this year and I think three of those were due to relocation to other parts of the GTA.

Guest turnout has been high at both meetings and I believe we could achieve a Smedley Award this year by attracting five new members before the end of the month. This will win us a free new banner with the new TMI logo to hang all our ribbons on!

We’ve already received lots of valuable feedback from the survey our VP Education sent out and a couple of observations are worth commenting on.

First, it’s clear the workshops we held last season were very popular and there is a high level of interest to continue with these, we hear you, stay tuned!

Secondly, for many of you, keeping meetings on time is important and I want to assure you the executive is sensitive to this, however, I ask you to keep in mind that we are a large club and we are all there to learn, keeping roles and speeches to the allocated time is part of the learning experience and as such, we won’t be perfect.

Some speeches are also longer that the typical 5-7 minutes, and there is no way the VP Ed knows this when the schedule is put together and if you do the math, if we run with four speakers on a night, it’s almost impossible to finish at 9:30pm. So with the structure of our meetings, there will be times we run over.

Finally, as your president, I hope you all have a wonderful 2011-2012 season at First Oakville, come out to as many meetings as you can possibly make and make sure you get up and speak at least once!

And don’t forget your manuals!

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