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Serving The Club

Every year our Toastmaster club elects a new executive to serve in the upcoming season (Aug. 1 to July 31).

How this works is a few weeks before the election date the current president asks the nomination committee (composed of former past presidents) to approach potential candidates for office and create a slate of members who agree to put their name forward for the offices of president; VP of education, membership and public relations; treasurer; secretary and sgt.-at-arms.

You don’t have to be nominated by the nomination committee to run for any office and you can put your name forward for any office.

The elections are not a popularity contest. The members vote for those members who (a) they think will do the best job and (b) who will benefit the most from serving.

So how do you make yourself into a good candidate?

First you’ve got to want to serve. It helps if you think you can do the job but there is on-the-job training provided by Toastmasters International by way of training sessions and a manual for each position.

It also helps if you’ve been attending meetings on a regular basis and that you’ve made yourself available whenever there’s been an opportunity to help out.

Responding quickly and efficiently when you’re asked to confirm your role on the agenda and then completing the role is one way of indicating your willingness to be on the executive.

Ask anyone who has served on our club’s executive and it’s likely they will tell you how rewarding the experience has been for them. Your work on the executive is recorded and benefits both the club but also your own leadership track within Toastmasters.

This service work is something that of great value that you will find helpful in your own workplace.

To serve is an honour and an obligation that only a few Toastmasters each year get to realize.

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