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The One Thing That Determines Your Success as a Leader

That’s the headline to an online article at the Connection Culture website. This article written by Randy Conley should be a must-read for all Toastmasters as it clearly answers the question: What makes a good leader?

Conley has narrowed the answer down to one thing and that’s trust.

Or you can Google the word “leadership” as Conley did. Google returned 138,611 hits. That’s a couple of years of reading!

According to Conley trust is more important than titles, power or position.

At Toastmasters we say we build leaders but how do we really do that? We do it by trusting in our elected executive and volunteer event chairpeople to do their best and to be ready to ask for help if they need it. We learn to support our leaders as they learn their leadership skills and they grow as leaders because of our support.

We learn leadership by taking action and stepping in to help. Be a leader at our club.

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