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The Overflow Effect

This post comes from First Oakville Toastmaster’s treasurer Tyler Bayley:

When we take the chance to perform a table topic, a speech, act as an evaluator or the chair, or even take on the role of greeter; we are not just learning how to communicate more clearly… NO NO…

There is something more going on… Something Better…

 During a recent Post-Toastmaster meeting, I was sitting with our fearless leader Dave Webster enjoying a delicious pint of Guinness.   After a few minutes conversing about the wonderful wonderfulness of Toastmasters, we both concluded that we were getting much more from the club than just better presentation and speaking skills.  We (like so many already) realized that Toastmasters produces an oddly amazing effect … an overflow effect.

What is this overflow effect you ask? Well, Dave and I have both seen significant changes in our level of confidence.  The confidence gained from each Toastmaster meeting doesn’t stay caged and confined within the walls of Toastmasters… NO NO… this confidence overflows into all other areas of our lives.

Now I cannot vouch for Dave, but the confidence in myself, my relationships, at the workplace, even in my problem solving and time management skills are all noticeably better.   Isn’t this a remarkable club? Isn’t Toastmasters an amazing opportunity?  Here we thought we were joining to simply improve our presenting and public speaking skills, and we end up joining a club to improve every area of our lives.

So I will leave you with this, the next time you are offered a table topic, what are you going say?

“No”, or are you going to let the confidence overflow?

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