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Toastmaster’s Parties – Past and Future

What a wonderful evening we had at our Toastmasters Christmas party last Thursday. The organizing committee led by Elaine Collins did a remarkable job and created an evening with a magical theme around a scene in Mrs. Claus’s kitchen and we, the audience, were her dinner guests. There was Santa and Mrs. Claus, reindeers, Elves and a fabulous Grinch with pet dog whose name still to be determined.

Thank you to the planning committee and all those with roles during the evening.

Everyone played their parts with energy and enthusiasm, there were lots of laughs, music and games, and we even had a hilarious table topics session. I particularly enjoyed watching Lili Cretu have so much fun delivering hers. She had us all in stitches.

There really was a great Toastmaster atmosphere in the room,. This was one of the best Christmas parties I can remember and part of the success came from the strong support we had from members. The room was full with over 50 people in attendance all looking to have a fun time as always. Everyone participated in some way to make the evening a hit.

Special thanks to David Locke who entertained us at the beginning of the evening with his trumpet playing and then played piano and led us in carol singing at the piano downstairs to close out the evening. David also took on the challenge of whipping our flash choir into shape through nine hours of practice. It was well worth it as the singing was one of the highlights of the evening for me.

Also my thanks to Peter West and Mike Cauterman who spent the entire evening watching the party through their cameras to record the evening. If you were not able to attend the party, go view the photo’s on Peter West’s site to get a glimpse of what transpired. Thanks also to the Quality Hotel staff; the food and service throughout the evening was great!

With the Christmas Party behind us, our next big party is just around the corner.

As I write this, it’s literally nine weeks to the Charter Party! The organizing committee has been hard at work since October and has a fabulous venue and agenda ready for the event. With the Christmas Party as an example, this club knows how to throw a party and have fun. All we ask of you is to support the club and come to the party. Don’t miss out on this one.

Pencil the 11th February into your diary if you haven’t done so already.

Toastmasters International’s focus is around “Where Leaders Are Made” and one thing leaders do is plan, make decisions, organize, direct and delegate. Participating or leading a committee gives you an excellent opportunity to practice these skills and watch others do the same. It’s a great learning opportunity and a very rewarding experience when it comes together and works well.

Take the Christmas Party planning as an example. How do you put an evening together like that? How do you get ideas for a theme? How do you delegate?

In this example, the chair (Elaine Collins) did an excellent job at pulling ideas out of us, leading us to a decision on a theme then delegating or asking for volunteers for certain rolls and having regular follow-ups to keep everything on track.

Everyone felt involved and empowered so that it was a positive experience for all. In essence, with great leadership, and when everyone’s pulling in the same direction, you get a great result. So if you want to improve your leadership and planning skills, jump in when there’s a call for the next committee

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