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VP of Membership Report on Area Contest

This report comes from Heather Cunningham, First Oakville Toastmaster’s VP of Membership:

What a turnout we had at the Area Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest on Thursday night.  It was literally standing room only until our Sgt. At Arms (Glenn Marshall) brought in more chairs for people to sit on along the back wall.  We had eight guests that night, and were sitting four to a table.  Everyone was in high spirits, ready to be entertained, and we were not disappointed.

The topic for the Table Topics Contest was “stream”.

For Fredericque Herel, stream reminded her of streams of income; for Chris Czerwinski, stream made him think of fish swimming upstream;  Joan Graham told us about her stream of gaining and losing weight; and Peter West told a wonderfully funny story about fly fishing with his buddy Gary.  All were very good with Joan Graham taking first place and Peter West taking second.  Joan has a wickedly dry sense of humour and a deadpan delivery that is absolutely hilarious.  But, in my opinion, Peter had the better story.  In his usual manner, Peter graciously thanked the TT Chair and then in his engaging way told a humorous story with great gestures, great warmth and a clean ending that tied in neatly with the topic.

And then we had the Humorous Speech Contest chaired by our own Val Clements.  As always, Val was witty and engaging.  Paul Schemilt started us off with a funny story about growing up with a last name like “Schemilt”, Diane Castello warned us against the pitfalls of buying a house, Renata Noronha humoured us with stories about her twin sister, and then David KILLED IT again with his speech about Mexico, Mariachi bands and Montezuma’s Revenge.  Great job David!

Our boys did us proud on Thursday night.  The talent of this club is unmistakable and makes me proud to be a member.

Let’s all cheer David on at the Division L Contest at Dundas Town Hall in Dundas on October 21st!

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