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We learn best in moments of enjoyment. – Ralph Smedley

The 2017-2018 executive has been diligent to create meetings that spark education, collaboration and the “F” word, FUN!!  According to Scott Christopher, author of the book The Levity Effect:  It Pays to Lighten Up, he discusses how fun in the workplace can increase profits and employee camaraderie, lower absenteeism and reduce workplace conflict.  It’s easy to draw the same conclusion that while Toastmasters is a not-for-profit organization, the same can be achieved at our meetings.

Ralph Smedley, the founder of Toastmasters believed, “We learn best in moments of enjoyment.”  Finding the right balance between fun and camaraderie while reaching our goals is exactly what we have been focusing in on at First Oakville Toastmasters.

Last night Allan our Chair chose the theme, Tropical Adventures, and together with the help of the executive, we converted our meeting space into a Tropical Paradise.  It set the tone for the evening and was a nice break from the Winter Blahs.

We had an evening of many firsts.  Veronica did an outstanding job introducing the Chair.  She did her research and set the tone for a nice warm welcome.  Firas really hit a home run with the presentation of a Toast to Famous Canadian to George St. Pierre.  He delivered it without notes and with confidence and determination.  We cannot wait to hear your Ice Breaker in March!

Marcela delivered her first Jest and had our members laughing.  Our Table Topics session was inspired by our Friends at Stockholm International Toastmasters in Sweden.   Last night our Table Topics participants were asked to share a Tropical Adventure Tall Tale using 5 randomly selected emojis.    Our 4 participants did an excellent job.  Alonso shared his story about how he accidentally kissed a Sea Turtle thinking it was his wife.  Our guest Kathy shared a story about how she snuck some candies to Bruce Springsteen in Jamaica.  Firas shared a story about his travels in Thailand, and Samantha shared her story about Snorkelling in Guatemala and those pesky snorkeling-polluters.   Congratulations to our brave impromptu speakers!

We had an amazing lineup of speakers last night.  Vlad delivered his Ice Breaker and it was an excellent start to his public speaking journey!  Tanouja delivered her second speech from the Pathways Program.  Tanouja has officially progressed the furthest in Pathways.  Will she be the first member to earn her Level 1 award?  Stay tuned.  Robert G. entertained us with a very humorous speech.  Congrats to Robert for winning Best Speaker of the Evening.

Best Evaluator: Samantha Best Speaker: Robert Best Table Topics: Alonso

It was very encouraging to see so many new members participating and succeeding in their roles.   If you are a new member and you have an upcoming role, the most helpful resource is the “white book”, An Introduction to your Toastmaster Experience that is included in your welcome kit.  This book was compiled by Toastmaster Peter West on behalf of the Mentoring Committee (2012) and provides every detailed piece of information for every role you may need to fill.  Read it.

See you next week.


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