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What Was TI Thinking?

Have you seen the new Toastmaster International mobile app?

I have to ask: What was TI thinking?

Here’s my problem with introducing a cell phone app to our meetings:

Ontario has banned driving and texting claiming it’s so distracting that texting drivers are many, many more times likely to be involved in a traffic accident than none distracted drivers

It’s the same at Toastmaster meetings where speaking is only half of our educational program. The other half is active listening – not texting – not entering in data but listening.

At our meetings we often ask members to turn their cell phones off (not to vibrate) and to remove them from the table. We do this so that the cell phone doesn’t have a place our meeting and newcomers get the message that cell phone use isn’t okay.

We believe listening is that important and that respectful to the speaker and that important to the member’s educational program.

Having said all that, at a recent meeting, I turned to see a member checking his email during a speech by another member and yes I did speak to him after the meeting.

Despite our best efforts we still get cell phones going off during meetings and during speeches.

Maybe the next step is to pass around a basket and have everyone put their cellphone in it for the two hours we hold our meeting.

This mobile app idea is going to be a disaster at club meetings around the world.

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