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Which Path Are You Going To Take?

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience has launched at First Oakville Toastmasters.  Whether you have been attending club meetings for years, or you have just recently joined First Oakville Toastmasters, you may have likely heard about the new Pathways learning curriculum.

As of October 31st, 2017 new members will automatically begin the new Pathways learning curriculum.  Members who were already enrolled as a member of Toastmasters can decide whether they would like to continue with their current manuals or enroll onto the Pathways program.  For members working towards their Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation, there is a two-year transition period given to allow for you to complete the current program if you wish to do so.

When you enroll into Pathways you take a Pathways assessment online.  There are ten different learning paths available:

To find the one that is right for you, you need to take the online assessment.  It helps you identify the path that best meets your needs, interests and goals.  When you answer the questions, think about how you would like to grow as a speaker at work, at Toastmasters and in your personal life.   After responding to a series of questions, you will be presented with the path that best fits you and your current experience.  You may be excited, energized or even surprised by the path recommended for you.

Pathways:  Step-by-step

In order to get you started and on your way (or on your path), we have put together some step-by-step instructions to help you.

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your ‘username’ which can be your email address that you used to register as a Toastmaster member, or you can use your member ‘ID number’.

  3. Password: If you are logging in for the first time please use the link “forgot password?”

  4. Click on ‘Education’ (top section of website)

  5. Select ‘Pathways learning experience’

  6. Click on, “Begin your journey”

  7. Choose your path for ‘yourself’ and click on ‘continue to path selection’

  8. Run pathways (it may prompt you to disable pop-up blockers)

  9. Click on ‘Base Camp’

  10. Start Pathways Assessment (this may take 10 mins)

  11. Once you complete assessment you will be given your Top 3 path choices. You can of course pick a path outside of the Top 3 suggestions, however, the suggested selections are based on the answers you provided in the assessment.

12.  Select your chosen Path 13.  It will ask you to confirm your selection.  Click ‘yes’ to proceed 14.  Voila, you are enrolled in Pathways and you have selected a Path

We have asked three members of our club to share their Pathways enrollment experience:

Allan Osborne, VP Education:  I took my time answering the questions during the assessment.  I found it rather easy to navigate.  The assessment and path selection process for me took about 10 minutes.

My Top 3 paths were:  Innovative Planning, Leadership Development and Motivational Strategies.

I chose Leadership Development because I want to focus on growing as a leader at Toastmasters and in my career field.  I will benefit tremendously by learning about planning and time management.

For now, I am going to continue working toward my Advanced Communicator Bronze and also my Competent Leadership designations.  It’s actually an exciting year for me because I am serving on the executive, which means I will also qualify to earn my Advanced Leader Bronze.  It’s a Triple Crown year for me! (An award for members who have earned three or more education awards in one year.)  Once I complete these designations I will evaluate my goals and decide whether I will continue to pursue my DTM or start Pathways.

Alonso Mendizabal, VP Public Relations:  The assessment took me about 5-10 minutes.   I found it easy to navigate.  Make sure to disable your pop-up blockers.

My Top 3 paths were:  Leadership Development, Persuasive Influence and Innovative Planning

I selected Persuasive Influence as I thought it would provide me with an opportunity to help me organize my speeches and sales pitches resulting in more impact, and connection with my audience/clients.

I am currently two projects away from completing my Competent Communicator and one project away from completing my Competent Leadership designations.  Once I complete these milestones I will begin my Toastmaster journey with Pathways.

Rebecca Valero, Club President:  The assessment itself took about 10 minutes.  I did spend extra time reading about Base Camp.  I took my time answering the questions in the assessment.  I tried to answer the questions while thinking about what I want to accomplish at work, Toastmasters and in my personal life.

My Top 3 paths were: Innovative Planning, Leadership Development, and Presentation Mastery.

I selected Innovative Planning as it seems to address several of the areas I would like to focus my growth on at the moment.  We currently have two years to work towards our DTM designation if we wish to do so.  After some evaluation, I have decided to begin the Pathways Program.  1)  I don’t want to rush to complete my DTM and 2)  I believe it is important for me as the President of the Club this year to become very familiar with this program.

I have already completed my first project, the Ice Breaker.  There are 3 other projects remaining before I can complete my Level 1.

Which path are you going to take? 

Additional Resources:  Pathways FAQ

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