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About Us

First Oakville Toastmasters​ Club

Founded in 1957, we are the first Toastmasters Club to charter in Oakville. Since then our club has been giving its members the opportunity to improve their public speaking, presentation, and leadership skills, as well as meeting mastery, and overall confidence in themselves.

We are part of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization that empowers individuals through personal and professional development, by improving their public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

We are a welcoming club that challenges members to go the extra mile in their communication growth opportunities. That’s why it’s worth the drive to go and join First Oakville Toastmasters - a President’s Distinguished Club!  

Experienced professionals and beginning speakers alike can benefit from our practical, face-to-face learning program.

Whether you're speaking to the board of directors, your customers, your co-workers, or your kids, Toastmasters can help you do it better.  You'll learn and practice in a friendly, comfortable environment with people who are there for the same reason you are - to become better communicators.

| Integrity | Respect | Service | Excellence |



" Because of Toastmasters,

I can present logically, use gestures and vocal variety to support my topic.

- S.J 58 years

Event Management

Member Since 1980

Award Winning Speaker


" Toastmasters is the best thing you can do to your career. It is a GYM for public speaking.

- V.K, 44 years

Real Estate Professional

Member Since 2016


" I am always learning from fellow members. They inspire me. I recommend joining if you want to develop skills.

- A.M, 50 years

Recruiter Consultant

Member Since 2019

At First Oakville Toastmasters

Members learn by speaking to groups and working with mentors in a supportive, encouraging environment

Our Mission

To provide a supportive and positive learning atmosphere in which members are empowered to develop their overall confidence in themselves, resulting in personal and professional growth.

First Oakville Toastmasters communicationg confidently to a group
Our Mission
Public speaker speaking to audience confidently

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