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5 Ways First Oakville Toastmasters Rocked Summer 2020!

#1 First Oakville Toastmasters Got Talent

On 25.06.2020 the club had a very energetic handover session, First Oakville Toastmasters Got Talent was the theme of the last meeting for the 2019-2020 executive and the pre-season meeting for the incoming executive. Some members sang, some lip-synched to their favorite songs, and some danced to them. The chair of the evening Sharon shone like a star and made sure everyone did as well.

Sharon never ceases to impress us with her wisdom, love, and super-fun personality! Only a few can pull off having that much fun in a Toastmasters meeting, without steering away from its core purpose. But surely Sharon is one of the few!

#2 First Oakville Toastmasters Rocked July

Even though our club members take the month of July off every year, this year we decided against that, because meetings are virtual. July 2020 was sunny and hot, the weather was unbeatable. But our club members made sure they met every Thursday, our club had 5 consecutive VERY Successful full meetings, we listened to fantastic speeches, had prolonged table topics sessions, and inducted new members!

#3 First Oakville Toastmasters Hosted a Workshop

‘The Virtual Presenter Checklist’ by a former club member Tyler Bayley. A workshop where we learned how to look, sound, and feel more professional during our next video conference.

Tyler did a fantastic job, we learned the 4 simple steps to perform before every virtual presentation to help build better rapport with the audience, display more professionalism, and improve overall clarity. We would love to host him again in our club.

The chair for the evening Linda Rossi did a remarkable job moderating the discussion and making our guests feel welcome.

We had 42 attendees, everyone was astonished by the turnup, and the workshop was remarkably successful and organized.

First Oakville Toastmasters hosted a successful online workshop

#4 First Oakville Toastmasters 2020-2021 Executives Have Been Busy

Our club executives have met several times this summer, to set our budget, our success plan, and discuss club matters.

To enhance our meetings, and for better member and guest experience, two new handbooks were carefully produced by two committees, led by our executives: The Guest Experience Handbook, and The Mentorship Plan. Which you will learn more about in our fall meetings.

#5 First Oakville Toastmasters Got the President’s Distinguished Club Recognition

In our Area (84), there are four clubs. Of the four, we were the only club to attain all 10 out of 10 goals for the President’s Distinguished Club Recognition – this is the highest level of recognition available to any club. In the Division there are sixteen clubs. We are one of the five clubs that met ten out of ten goals for the Distinguished Club in the Division!!! Since 2003, we have achieved this level for twelve seasons.

First Oakville Toastmasters got the President's Distinguished Club Recognition

First Oakville Toastmasters Club will resume virtual meetings on September 10th, 2020. Looking forward to more accomplishments, success, and public speaking.

Lubna Elwerr

First Oakville Toastmasters Vice President of Public Relations



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