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25 Years of Toastmasters - by Linda Rossi

“Toastmasters offers a wealth of skills from public speaking to leadership and spans across every possible demographic! Inclusiveness and positivity provide the best atmosphere to learn and grow. Best of all, no matter your starting point, you will definitely improve through the support and encouragement of fellow Toastmasters. Personally, I learned to organize my thoughts, present them in a cohesive way, and listen to those around me for valuable feedback to improve in the future. I can say confidently that after 25 years of membership, I continue to develop my skills and also serve as a mentor to others. For the best investment in your future, join Toastmasters!”

Linda Rossi, DTM

Co-Chair Community Club Coach

District 86 Division D Director 2019-2020

Past Area Governor of the Year District 60


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